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Seaweed Flower, Shrub & Hanging Basket Fertilizer Organic Fertiliser Liquid Feed 2.5L

Seaweed Flower, Shrub & Hanging Basket Fertilizer Organic Fertiliser Liquid Feed 2.5L

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'Sea Nymph' Pure Seaweed Flower, Shrub & Hanging Basket Feed is an Organic Seaweed Liquid plus added nutrients especially formulated to enhance plant health and encourage healthy bloom.



All of our ‘Sea Nymph’ products are manufactured in Ireland from Sustainable hand harvested Virgin Ascophyllum Nodosum Seaweed which is exclusive to the North Atlantic Ocean.



Ascophyllum Nodosum is the most researched seaplant for use in plant care applications and is the seaplant of choice by the primary producers of seaweed extract.



'Sea Nymph' Galway Bay Marine Ltd is a family owned business with 3 generations of expertise (since the late 1940's) in the processing of Seaweeds.  




'Sea Nymph' Pure Seaweed Flower, Shrub & Hanging Basket Feed.

'Sea Nymph's Liquid seaweed Flower, Shrub & Hanging Basket Feed is formulated for top quality foliage and healthy growth.

It is rich in natural nutrients and over 58 trace elements which provide a balanced feed and promotes vigorous growth with better flowering.

Ideal for Flowers, Shrubs, Roses, Bedding Plants and Hanging Baskets.


 Directions for use:

Apply using watering can. Invert bottle before use. Dilute 50mls of 'Sea Nymph' feed in 9 litres (2gals) of water.


 Timing of application:

Apply to soil 2 weeks after planting and continue every 10 – 14 days throughout growing season.




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Manufactured in Ireland using Ascophyllum Nodosum hand harvested off the West Coast of Ireland.


Sea Nymph’ Galway Bay Marine Ltd.

Mountain Road,




Fax:- 00353-91-556239

"The Seaweed People"




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